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New Applications and Games for Android: Best of July 2023

The most interesting and useful additions on Google Play this month.



Winamp android app

The legendary music player for Windows is now available on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. It not only plays music but also provides convenient access to streaming services, podcasts, radio stations, audiobooks, and downloads, all within a single interface.

Among the interesting new features of the player is the Fanzone – a space for independent artists to interact with the audience, sell products directly, and share songs for streaming. Users can also create mixed playlists where local tracks are combined with music from subscribed artists.

Price: Free


Threads android app

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter, many users felt that the social network had taken a wrong turn. Some migrated to the free decentralized service Mastodon, while others decided to try an alternative from Mark Zuckerberg – Threads.

The distinctive feature of this app is the absence of the 240-character limit, allowing for longer posts. Threads offers a familiar interface, the ability to read news, and to follow people who interest you.

Price: Free

Polycam: 3D Scanner & Editor

Polycam: 3D Scanner & Editor android app

This app allows you to convert photos into 3D models. You scan an object from all angles using your phone’s camera, and the program generates a finished 3D object.

The app will be useful for architects, artists, designers, photographers, and anyone who needs to work with 3D graphics without spending weeks or months learning complex professional software like ZBrush or Blender. Create intricate objects and scenes, export models, and share them with friends and colleagues.

Price: Free

ImageChat: AI Computer Vision

ImageChat: AI Computer Vision android app

The intriguing app ImageChat employs language model and computer vision technologies to recognize the content of photos. You take a picture or upload an image from your gallery, and then the AI informs you about what’s depicted in it.

The app is trained on 400 million images and can recognize over 40 million details. It can be useful, for instance, for people with visual impairments, or for those who want to figure out what unfamiliar objects have appeared in their smartphone camera’s view.

Price: Free

Electricity Maps

Electricity Maps android app

This program visually shows where your electricity comes from and how much CO2 was emitted to produce it. Electricity Maps provides detailed data about production levels in dozens of countries around the world.

You can compare hourly electricity prices in different countries, learn how much energy countries or producers sell to each other, and how this affects the environment.

Price: Free


Project Entropy

Project Entropy android game

This real-time strategy game transports you to the year 2099. You’ll need to build a base, gather resources, and fight enemies. The game features various combat machines and weapon systems, and allows you to recruit a team of diverse heroes.

Gradually, you’ll unlock new areas of the map and find places for resource extraction. You can compete in Project Entropy not only against AI but also against other players.

Price: Free

Teeny Tiny Town

Teeny Tiny Town android game

In this engaging city-building simulator, you need to create a settlement on a limited area. Your task is to match at least three items on the board to receive new objects or buildings. In the end, you’ll have a charming town.

As you progress, you’ll gain access to more spacious maps. Keep in mind that the number of moves is limited, and mistakes can be costly. Therefore, it’s advisable to think carefully about each step.

Price: Free

Linea: Innerlight Game

Linea: Innerlight android game

Linea is a beautiful puzzle game where you need to turn on the lights by connecting wires in buildings. Not only do you help characters overcome challenges, but you also advance the story and collect collectible items. The game is not difficult but boasts an attractive style and pleasant graphics.

Price: Free

Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep android game

This intriguing app from the creators of the popular Pokémon Go turns your sleep into a game. By placing your smartphone next to your pillow, you’ll collect Pokémon while you sleep.

No, Android apps haven’t quite learned to influence dreams yet. Pokémon Sleep simply analyzes your sleep, and depending on its quality and duration, you “catch” different creatures. The app also helps improve sleep quality by offering relaxing music and smart alarms.

Price: Free


To sum up, the Android app landscape in July 2023 introduces an exciting array of applications and games on Google Play. From the revival of Winamp for music enthusiasts to the innovative Threads app, offering longer posts, and the versatile Polycam: 3D Scanner & Editor, catering to creative minds. Additionally, ImageChat’s AI vision and Electricity Maps’ environmental insights stand out.

Gamers can explore Project Entropy’s strategy, Teeny Tiny Town’s city-building, Linea’s captivating puzzles, and the unique Pokémon Sleep app for a playful twist on sleep improvement.

This month’s releases exemplify the diverse and evolving nature of the Android ecosystem.

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