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10 Android Keyboards to Replace the Standard One

Solutions for those who lack good prompts, gifs, beautiful themes, and more.


Keyboards: Gboard

The official keyboard from Google comes pre-installed on a lot of smartphones. But if yours is an exception, it’s definitely worth a try.

Gboard boasts a bunch of handy features. There are word suggestions and auto-corrections, handy cursor movement, themes, inserting gifs and emoticons, Google translator, and voice dialing. And the developers are constantly adding new features.

What’s especially nice is that the keyboard is free.


One of the best Google Play keyboards. SwiftKey has a very simple and pleasant interface. The app knows how to suggest words and correct mistakes, supports gestures and themes. You can change the size of the space that the keyboard occupies on the screen.

SwiftKey allows you to manage the clipboard, provides access to stickers and calendar events. It adapts to your typing style and shows detailed statistics on how efficiently you type.

Keyboard settings are synced between your devices.


Keyboards for Android: Fleksy

A keyboard with auto-correct errors and gesture control. If you want to erase a word – swipe from right to left, and if you want to insert a punctuation mark – swipe from left to right. Pretty handy if you get used to it.

In the settings, you can find about 10 themes: from restrained to shouty-bright. There are also extensions that are installed on the panel above the keyboard and are used to control the clipboard, change the cursor position, insert templates, and even quick launch applications.

Fleksy is free, but some themes cost money.


Keyboards for Android phones: Ginger

A keyboard with a simple interface offers a large number of emoji, gifs, and emoticons. You can enter text by continuously sliding through the letters. There’s also a built-in translator.

For personalization, ready-made design themes are used, but you can create your own variants as well. The built-in store sells themes for a dollar. The user can change input settings, word prompts, auto-replacement, typing vibration, and a large number of other options.

Ginger has quick access to the search engine and notes. And you can even have fun with simple games like Snake and 2048.

Neon LED Keyboard

Keyboards for Android smartphones: Neon LED Keyboard

A bright keyboard with detailed design settings. It allows you to use a variety of monochrome and multicolor ready-made themes, as well as create custom ones with personal photos as the background. There is also a huge number of emoji, stickers, and GIF animations.

With the Neon LED Keyboard, you can quickly enter text by sliding over the letters as well as by voice. There is an automatic correction of errors. The settings will be able to adjust the size of the keyboard and keys horizontally and vertically. In addition, the input sound, vibration alarm when typing, and fonts are subject to customization. For the keys, you can activate the magnification by pressing.

Simple Keyboard

Keyboards for Android phone: Simple Keyboard

As the name suggests, this keyboard is simple, even too much. It has a minimalistic Android-style design and only a few design themes, but you can assign it a specific interface color. There are no emoticons, gifs, dictionaries, spell checker, auto-correction, and other gadgets, just text input. It is perfect for people who do not like their keyboards trying to be smarter than they are.

Simple Keyboard is open-source, so you can use it to type passwords and credit cards if you do not trust proprietary keyboards.

The app also takes up very little space and will work even on low-powered smartphones.

Multiling O Keyboard

Keyboards for Android: Multiling O Keyboard

Multiling O Keyboard is another lightweight and fast keyboard. Multiling O Keyboard supports continuous and two-hand input, gestures, layout customization, and a bunch more. There is a calculator, emoji, cursor control, and translator. Only gifs and stickers are missing, but many people get along just fine without them.

The parameters, size, and behavior of the keyboard are adjustable in detail. If necessary, you can download third-party themes, dictionaries, and extensions.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

A nice-looking keyboard, reminiscent of Gboard but with an interesting difference. Its theme adapts to the color of the application you use, and Chrooma becomes a part of it. It looks pretty stylish.

All the necessary features are present: continuous input, gestures, word prediction, and auto-correction. Chrooma supports emoji and gifs. There is an “Incognito” mode designed to enter confidential data.

The basic features of the keyboard are available for free. The premium version comes with key layout customization, one-handed typing mode, and a built-in translator.


 Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji is designed for those who like to use a large number of emojis and GIF animations in chats. This keyboard has thousands of different emoticons and other character variations.

There are also many built-in design themes – from simple multicolored to animated. You can pick up images with famous characters in the background. In addition, Facemoji allows you to make your own design with personal photos. You can configure all the basic elements: fonts, sounds, and vibration when entering, the size of the keyboard.

The application has a built-in translator. For convenience, there is an auto-change of errors in words, as well as quick input with continuous sliding.

Yandex Keyboard

Yandex Keyboard

In this application, you can use different design themes, continuous typing, Yandex search bar, quick paste button, auto-substitution of spaces and punctuation marks, built-in dictionary, and translator. The keyboard allows you to add geotags, gifs, and emojis.

The application is completely free and is not overloaded with extraneous elements.

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