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Android 14 Beta Reveals Long-Awaited Battery Status Display Feature

XDA Developers editor, Mishaal Rahman, has discovered a long-awaited feature in the Android 14 beta – the display of battery status in smartphone settings. This feature has been available on Samsung smartphones for a while now.

This feature was first noticed a year earlier during the parsing of the code of Android 13, but for some reason, it could not be completed, and the mention was cut out. Now, the development of this feature has resumed, and a number of APIs for the function BatteryManager have been found in the fresh build of Android 14 beta. These APIs are responsible for the cycle counter, charging status, production dates, and the first use of the battery.

New android battery status

To prove the concept, an enthusiast under the nickname narektor built a working battery status tracker relying entirely on these APIs. He posted his findings on GitLab. It should be noted that the application simply collects the data provided by the API, and the creator is not responsible for their accuracy.

Although this feature has been available on some Android device manufacturers with their own shells, including Samsung (via the Galaxy Members app), One UI only displays battery status, not maximum capacity as a percentage. With the release of Android 14, it is hoped that the system will finally match iOS and One UI in this respect.

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