Installing of APK Installer

Users of Android smartphones often face the necessity to have the root rights or use special software in order to install some applications. APK Installer was designed to facilitate your work with apk files. In other words, APK Installer is a tool for Android devices, which allows you to install and manage applications on your smartphone. Let’s talk about this program in more detail.

What are the benefits of using APK Installer?

APK Installer can be easily installed via Play Market or downloaded from the official website. The program interface is intuitive and installing it on your smartphone will not take much of your time.

Firstly, APK Installer finds all apk files on your device and presents them as a single list. You can sort them by a certain criteria (size, date, developer) or find the right application by name. You can select the application you need in order to view all the information about its apk file, install, deactivate, roll it back to the previous version, create a ShortCut, and share the file with your friends. The program’s functionality also allows you to work with several apk files at the same time, and it significantly saves your time.

If you need to install a new application, APK Installer will scan it and provide you with information about the requested permissions, developer, its current version and other important data. So that you can be sure of its reliability and security.

The main features of APK Installer:

  • Intuitive interface and ease of use. You do not need to spend a lot of time to install it on your smartphone and learn how use it.
  • Convenient search and the ability to sort files by name, creation date, size, developer, etc. It significantly saves your time, when you are searching for the right apk file.
  • It is possible to export apk files to a memory card and internal storage of your device.
  • You can easily share any apk file with your friends via bluetooth or simply send it by email.
  • Apk Installer provides you with all the information about an application in order make sure that it is safe to install.
  • The program helps you to manage already installed applications and apk files, including tracking the requested permissions.
  • You can delete and deactivate unnecessary applications, thereby freeing up memory on your device.
Apk Installer app

APK Installer is a simple and reliable tool that deserves your attention. It greatly simplifies managing even those applications, which you could not find in Play Market. Feel free to check out all the benefits of using APK Installer on your Android device.

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