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22 Must-Have Android Apps You Need to Install Today

In today’s fast-paced world, smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you’re looking to stay organized, boost your productivity, or simply have fun, there’s an app for almost everything.

But with so many apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be overwhelming to choose the ones that are truly worth your time and storage space. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of must-have Android apps that you need to install today.

From budget planning to exploring new hiking trails, from scanning barcodes to getting comprehensive answers to homework questions, these apps cover a wide range of needs. So, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone looking to make the most out of your smartphone, read on to discover the top Android apps that can help you solve almost any task.

Top Social Apps for Android Devices

Finding like-minded people and connecting with them goes beyond Facebook.


TikTok app

A platform of short videos with funny voiceovers, dancing pets, DIY tutorials, recipes, and more that have captivated the world.


Twitch app

More than just streams of gamers. explore music channels, crafting, plant care, and everyday life on this popular platform.


Pure app

An anonymous dating app, perfect for those bored with Tinder. registration requires only an email, and encrypted chats are automatically deleted after 24 hours.


Snapchat app

The app that blew up the internet with funny masks and unusual effects. here, you can communicate, share bright moments, play online games, explore the map, and see stories shot nearby.

Top Entertainment Apps for Android Devices.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now app

A cloud gaming platform that lets you play hardcore PC games on your smartphone, even if they’re not adapted for Android. with fast and stable internet, you can enjoy a high-quality gaming experience on the go.


Shazam app

This app uses artificial intelligence technology and an extensive library to recognize any tune. “Shazam” tracks that you like – they will be saved in the history and you can listen to them at any time.


CoolReader app

One of the best e-book readers. In it you will be able to set up a comfortable design and brightness of the screen, and even pages will rustle when flipping. Many formats, dictionaries, day and night profiles are supported.

The Best Photo and Video Apps for Android

These apps can help you create stunning photo and video content that can potentially garner hundreds of likes and even go viral.


InShot app

The photo, video and music editor was created primarily for Instagram users*, but in other social networks it will also help prove itself. It’s easy to adjust the speed of individual parts of the video, overlay music and voice-over narration, and create video clips with fun effects.

Glitch Video Effect

Glitch Video Effect app

An editor with very cool features that will help you quickly assemble a viral video and become a star of social networks. “Magic” effects, neon lighting, photo and video fusion, original backgrounds and retro filters are very popular on TikTok, Instagram* and other platforms.

ProCam X

ProCam X app

An alternative camera for mobile photography. Even on mid-level smartphones it helps to take spectacular shots. In the app you can adjust all the shooting parameters manually and get professional level photos and videos without additional processing and filters.

The Best Android Apps for Healthy Living and Self-Care

These Android apps make it easy and comfortable to prioritize both your physical and emotional well-being.

Adidas Running

Adidas Running app

Formerly called Runtastic, this service is one of the most convenient trackers for all running enthusiasts. Even if you don’t exercise professionally, but just like to explore new paths and actively spend time. The app syncs with smart watches and fitness trackers, builds routes on maps and lets you share them on social media.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle app

Normally, we sleep a third of our lives, and how well we rest depends on our condition, energy, desire to move mountains and reach new heights. This smart sleep tracker app will help you assess your sleep quality and improve it. It also automatically records your sleep conversations, snoring and other sounds.


StayFree app

This app will help you get rid of your smartphone addiction. Control your screen time, find apps that distract you, set limits and give you detailed reports with pretty graphs.


Calm app

One of the most popular apps that teaches you how to meditate and calm down. That will give you more hours in the day and no one around you will be annoyed.

The Best Useful Apps for Android

These useful Android apps can help you solve a variety of tasks with your smartphone, from getting accurate weather forecasts and traffic updates to making shopping more profitable and efficient.

Google Lens

Google Lens app

A smart app that lets you scan your surroundings, recognize objects, copy text, search for items, and more. In fact, it is your “virtual eyes” with artificial intelligence: with Google Lens you can find everything on the Internet that falls within the “field of view” of your smartphone camera. For example, to determine the breed of a cat or a clothing brand, to translate the text of the pointer into the language you understand, and so on.


AccuWeather app

Accurate weather forecast: for today, tomorrow, next week. You can follow it on maps and customize the data display – choose only the information that is important to you. It is convenient that AccuWeather can send you a notification if the weather changes drastically.


Waze app

A simple and handy navigator with extra features. For example, it allows you to share information with other users: to inform about a pothole, road works, police ambush and so on. The maps in Waze are quite accurate, the voice acting is very good, there are lane guides and smart route changing if there is a traffic jam.


Yummly app

A versatile menu planner: it allows you to create recipes, taking into account the products that are in your fridge, and make shopping lists. The app takes into account your preferences and allergies, helping you to diversify your mealsand not buy unnecessary things.


SHAREit app

A simple program that allows you to share information on different devices without any wires. Data is transferred directly between the gadgets on which the app is installed: it can be not only files, but also, for example, other applications. SHAREit will also help you quickly transfer information from an old smartphone to a new one.

QR- and Barcode Scanner

QR- and Barcode Scanner app

The application will not only scan the data, but also show the information about the product. For many codes, you can find both prices and reviews at once. Useful if you’re buying a new item in a store and want to be sure of your choice.


Monefy app

A great budget planner. This app has a simple interface and handy statistics to help you quickly understand where your money goes and what it’s used for. It also has a dark theme and desktop widgets.


Todoist app

A handy app for making to-do lists, tasks and reminders. You can install Todoist as a family or as a team to keep trackof each other’s assignments without missing anything. Or you can use it by yourself and boost your productivity.


These must-have Android apps are essential for anyone looking to make the most out of their smartphone.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, stay organized, or simply have fun, these apps cover a wide range of needs. From budget planning to exploring new hiking trails, from scanning barcodes to getting comprehensive answers to homework questions, these apps offer a variety of features that can help you solve almost any task with your smartphone.

So why wait? Install these apps today and take your Android experience to the next level!

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