Android flash notifications menu

Android 14 Introduces a Replacement for Notification Lights

In modern smartphones, it has become increasingly rare to find a notification light indicator. The always-on display feature isn’t everyone’s preference either. To address this issue, Google has implemented a solution at the system level. Android 14 Developer Preview 2 introduces a feature designed to notify users when a notification is received.

Android flash notifications menu

In the past, this function was performed by light indicators, which blinked in various colors depending on the app from which the message originated. However, since manufacturers have largely abandoned this approach, Google has opted to incorporate a similar feature directly into the operating system.

Specifically, a new tab called “Flash Notifications” can be found under “Special Features.” This tab contains a function that causes either the rear camera flash or the display to flicker, alerting the user about an incoming notification. Users can customize the flicker color by selecting their preferred option from the available palette. However, no additional configuration options are currently available at this stage.

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