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Android 14 Let You Find Even a Turned-Off Smartphone

Yes, just like iOS.

It seems that with Android 14, developers focused on adding new features and improving existing ones. As with Android 13, we should not expect significant visual improvements, but the already known functional changes are worth noting in this update.

According to 91Mobiles, Google is working on a network that will connect all Android devices and make them searchable even when they’re turned off. Specifically, an early build of Android 14 found a description of the hardware abstraction layer “”.

Judging by the associated information in the code, this will allow the device to store Finger Network keys in the Bluetooth transmitter so that they can be used even when the smartphone is turned off. By doing so, a disabled gadget can still be tracked.

The idea isn’t new: iOS Locator has had such an option since 2021. Google is a little behind, but the innovation is still useful and important. It is still unclear whether the function will work only on new devices that will come with Android 14 “out of the box” or whether it will be programmatically enabled on older smartphones as well.

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