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Android vs. iOS: Study Shows Android is More Intuitive for Users

Green Smartphones, a portal that selects smartphones, conducted a study to determine which operating system, iOS or Android, is more user-friendly for the average user. Researchers analyzed the popularity of search queries related to everyday functions rather than polling smartphone owners to find out which system is easier to navigate without assistance from Google.

Instead of surveying smartphone owners, the researchers analyzed the frequency of search queries related to everyday functions. This method allowed them to determine how easy it is for users to find the necessary function or setting on their own without Google’s help.

Diagram of the number of monthly Google searchers about Android and iOS

Because the portal is based in the United States, the researchers analyzed search queries from American users to ensure a representative sample. The study used the average monthly number of requests over the last 12 months to provide a comprehensive analysis.

The study found that Android users had fewer questions about basic functions in 10 out of 12 cases, with iOS only performing better in the ease of creating screenshots and scanning QR codes. When considering all analyzed requests, iOS users generated about 358,000 queries per month, while Android users generated 226,000 queries per month.

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