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New Android Apps and Games: The Best of March 2023

Discover the most interesting and useful new Google Play apps.



People love to show screenshots of their smartphones on social media. They use screenshots to share funny dialogues, strange notifications, and favorite songs – because it’s much faster than typing. TrueShot allows you to decorate your images by adding a background or a customizable gradient. This is useful if a vertical shot looks bad among the other pictures on your page.


Keeping a diary is a great way to get rid of stress and free your head from unnecessary information. NoteFor is designed just for daily journaling. The program automatically enters the date and puts your texts in a handy calendar so you can read what was troubling you before at any time. The app lets you work offline, but if you create an account, your notes will be automatically saved to the cloud. You can also share them with others, turning your personal diary into a blog.

Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has updated its Bing application with a very promising addition: Bing Image Creator. It’s an artificial intelligence tool that generates pictures based on your text description. It’s unlikely that you can use it for work on a smartphone, but it is possible to generate cute avatars and memes.


Another artificial intelligence app that can create beautiful art by converting your words into pictures. It supports many visual styles, and the automatically generated art can be shared with other users. Or apply them as memes or stickers in your chats.


This app will help you keep track of your psychological state. You do not need to write anything – just choose the events that happened to you and indicate your feelings with simple and clear icons. Then you can look at the calendar and see when you were angry and unhappy and when you were happy, and adjust your lifestyle.

Vanishing Hour

Hour Vanishing Hour is a dialer app for owners of smartwatches with Wear OS. It features a minimalistic design, pleasant interface, and compatibility with the power-saving mode of AMOLED screens. There are not many settings, but the watch looks very stylish.

Crypto Hub: Coin Stats Tracker

Crypto Hub is an application for novice crypto investors that allows you to track the price of a particular cryptocurrency. In addition, it has a glossary describing all the most popular coins and a currency comparison calculator.


Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom is a top-down adventure shooter in which you mow down hordes of hellish creatures with a wide variety of weapons. It’s not like the good old original Doom, but still fun. The game becomes especially fun when you get access to the weapons of mass destruction, which the main character easily shoots with his hands.

Immortal Rising

Immortal Rising is a two-dimensional action game in which your hero strives to become immortal and defeat an ancient evil. To strengthen your character, you can farm AI-driven enemies, as well as compete against other users in PvP mode. The game has pretty exciting combat and lots of animations.

Uncharted Waters Origin

Uncharted Waters Origin lets you reincarnate as a sea captain, just like in Pirates of the Caribbean. Only here you’re not a wild buccaneer, but a nice guy. You travel the oceans, trade with other nations, transport goods, and fight off vicious corsairs who periodically try to steal your valuables.

The map in the game is copied from the real world. It has many different ports and changing weather, and the characters are real characters from the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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