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Android 13 is Already Running in 12% of All Smartphones Running Google’s OS – Faster than Android 12

At one time, Google started to publish monthly statistics on the use of different versions of the Android OS. Such information was useful, for example, for developers who decide which operating systems their programs should support. Although now the information is published less frequently, it is still possible to estimate how actively distributed one or another operating system is. According to the latest data, Android 13 appears to be spreading quite rapidly.

In January, statistics indicated that Android 13 was used on 5% of devices, which is how much the platform has gained since its release last August. According to the new data, said OS is used on 12.1% of Android gadgets.

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By comparison, about a year after the release of Android 12 it was found that the operating system is installed on only 13.3% of devices – Android 13 is much more actively distributed.

The rapid spread of Google’s Android 13 is largely due to Samsung, with its huge market share, promptly releasing updates not only for the flagships, but also for affordable mass-market smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google Pixel models and many OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme smartphones are quickly receiving the new OS.

The share of earlier Android operating systems predictably decreased. However, the leading position is still not Android 12, as one would expect, but Android 11 – this operating system accounts for 23.5% of devices. By comparison, Android 12 and Android 12L (for larger screens) together occupy 16.5% of the market.

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