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Android 14 to Turn Your Smartphone into a Webcam for PC: What You Need to Know

Google’s upcoming Android 14 OS is set to introduce a new feature called DeviceAsWebcam, which will allow users to utilize their Android 14 smartphone as a webcam for their computer or laptop during video calls. This feature will work with any PC and most video-communication services. XDA Developers editor, Mishaal Rahman, shared a breakdown of the feature on Twitter after it was first revealed in code in February.

A man using smartphone as a webcam

Unlike a similar function in iOS, the Android solution will require a wired connection. The smartphone will have to be connected to the computer via USB. According to the Android 14 test build, the smartphone will be able to replace the webcam in any app that supports USB video transmission, making it compatible with most video calling services. No additional applications or drivers are needed on the computer as everything will work natively.

However, users will need to install a dedicated application on their smartphone to transfer data from the camera to their computer. Currently, even Pixel smartphones do not have this application yet. In the future, smartphones from other manufacturers will get support for DeviceAsWebcam, provided their kernel settings allow for the USB camera function.

It is unclear whether DeviceAsWebcam will be included in the stable release of Android 14 or in an interim update.

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