Smartphone with Android 14

Google released the first public beta of Android 14

Developers talked about improvements to the back arrow. No kidding.

Google has launched the first of four planned public beta versions of Android 14. As with previous OSs, any owner of a compatible Pixel smartphone can install this system – models from Pixel 4a 5G and newer will do.

You must register for the beta program to install. There is no official support for phones other than the Pixel yet and is not expected anytime soon.

These betas are still mainly for developers who want to test their applications and for users who do not want to wait for a stable OS. In this build, bugs and errors can and will occur.

As for changes, Google itself highlights two updates to the user interface.

  • First is the new back arrow (yes, we have reached a point in the history of mobile OS where new back arrows are the most interesting). It’s about the image of the arrow that appears when you swipe away from the side edge of the screen – it will now match your wallpaper or device theme.
  • Second, there are customizable content sharing screens. However, only app developers will be able to customize them. They will be able to add certain actions to the “Share” menu to make it more useful to the user.

Otherwise, Android 14 has all the same changes that were announced earlier. This includes language settings for each app, as well as new privacy settings. A stable build of the system is expected in June, and a full release will probably take place in the fall.

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