Multitasking on android 14

New Android 14 Feature: Enhancing Multitasking for Mobile Users

In the upcoming Android 14 OS, currently in its second beta version, a promising innovation has been introduced. It aims to enhance the multitasking capability and provide a more convenient experience for mobile device owners who frequently use split-screen mode.

Android multitasking

The new feature allows users to not only run two applications simultaneously in split-screen mode but also link them through the context menu. This feature is already available in the beta version of Android 14. It enables users to quickly resume their work with the same software in a single touch using a shortcut on the home screen, even if the desired app bundle is not in the menu of the recently launched programs.

Samsung already offers a similar feature in the latest versions of the OneUI firmware, allowing the system to remember up to 10 applications in multi-window mode. The introduction of this feature in the stock Android OS will expand the user experience for owners of devices from other brands.

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